My state of mind feels like this scatterplot: This chart won’t make it into the final but it was good to see. Honestly, I was disappointed about the results but it does elicit some more questions about the relationship between woman juros and women winners (photographers). I also wanted to learn how to do it…… Continue reading Scatterplot

Visual Design: Colors

Gender and Colors Once I decided that my focus would be on gender representation, I knew I wanted to avoid the obvious pink and blue or variations of, to communicate female (pink) and male (blue). So, I did some research about alternatives to pink and blue and discovered these great articles (below). One of them…… Continue reading Visual Design: Colors

The Importance of Writing & Focusing Narrative

Remember that design process I talked about establishing? Well, apparently I need to print it out and tape it right in front of me. Dueling Mindsets This semester has been full of learning the technical. For me, JavaScript, D3.js and some Excel. JavaScript and D3 especially are hurdles. Last semester I finally understood the D3js…… Continue reading The Importance of Writing & Focusing Narrative

Filter and Focus

The Fun Begins So now that I have a better idea of what charts to make and have completed some tests to understand d3js I can start building charts and putting the website together in earnest. I also need to review CSSGrid and for that, I’ll look to Wes Bos. Clean, Filtered Data So, remember…… Continue reading Filter and Focus