3 Favorite Food & Nutrition Podcasts

Last year I hurt my lower back — mulching.

At first, I thought: Wow, here’s a chance to binge-watch all my favorite shows and movies while laying on my back with a heating pad. Cool. But then I received orders from my physical therapist to move — two times a day. Movement helps keep the blood flowing which helps heal the body. Who knew?

I walked like a 95-year-old at first; snail-like and utterly self-conscious but I was determined to feel better. So every morning and every evening I went for a walk no matter if I only got half a block away from my house.

(Note: My back pain became chronic and took one full year to heal.)

Perhaps I’m weird but I don’t keep music on my iPhone. So, I decided to listen to podcasts. At first, I listened to marketing, design and business podcasts but I quickly got annoyed. They made me frustrated. I wasn’t sure why at the time but now I’m thinking it was because I was on a path toward something new.

Hmm … something to mull over for another post but let’s move on to my favorite three podcasts, shall we?


Insatiable Podcast LogoMy friend Reese Spykerman (a stellar designer, btw) indirectly introduced me to Insatiable. One of her posts came up in my Facebook feed and there Ali Shapiro and I struck up a brief conversation about Dr. Kelly Brogan. Me being the curious cat, I went to her FB profile, checked out her website and voila — became an Insatiable listener. What I love about Insatiable and really, Ali and Juliet, is that they. are. real. I love their no-bs talk about how they think and feel about life, food, fitness and well, a slew of health-related topics. They share personal, intimate stories about themselves and get people to share their stories; some which have made me cry! Both are downright hilarious at times; their laughter so infectious I’ve found myself laughing out loud during my walks (thankfully no one has been around — crazy Asian lady!) Anyway, the more I listen, the more I get encouraged to live whole and eat whole; not obsessively. OK, that last bit … it’s a work in progress but they are on my team even if they don’t know it.

Listen to Insatiable by Ali Shapiro and Juliet Burgh

Splendid Table

Splendid Table Podcast LogoThis podcast is new to me. I discovered it on NPR on my drive home from Wegmans. I had no idea listening to people talk about food (no pictures — hello) would be incredibly engrossing and how is it possible I had never heard of it until now?! Hosted by Lynne Rossetto Kasper, Splendid Table takes me into peoples’ lives, kitchens, farms, and pantries; restaurants, markets, gardens and more. I love the depth and richness of the interviews because they make me think about my relationship with food as well as food as community, business and well, identity. Physically I was in my neighborhood walking the familiar everyday route but my mind, heart, and stomach were taking a journey across the country and the oceans. Yum …

Listen to the Splendid Table podcast

FoodBlogger Pro

Food Blogger Pro Podcast LogoI’m not sure if food blogging is something I want to do as I navigate this career shift toward becoming a holistic nutritional consultant and coach but after listening to episode after episode I realized how much we self-employed people have in common. No matter our niche, running a business — individual or a small team — is a TON of work. I’ve learned a shit ton about what goes on behind the scenes for food bloggers, and the interviews opened my eyes to the dark side of blogging: trolls and well, mean people. But the yummy side? The episodes are full of techno-weenie goodies (Yay — I can be such a geek!) mixed with business strategy, productivity tips and plenty of great stories: how people got started, their struggles, their fears, successes, etc. Bjork does an incredible job with follow-up questions and the results are helpful, useful episodes with plenty of humor and just enough tangents to keep it real. Thank you, Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom (Pinch of Yum).

View the latest episodes and listen via iTunes or Stitcher (app)

Voila. I hope you’ll check them out and if you have a podcast you love and would like to share, I’m all ears (tee-hee). Let me know in the comments below.

Always, in health,




This is the beginning of many hopes and goals as I begin another shift in my life.

A wee bit of background: I’m in my mid-forties. Right now I make a living as a creative partner for photographers designing websites, books, and marketing pieces mainly. I’m an educator, a speaker, and I’m also writing a book. The working title: Web Design Principles for Photographers.

So, Why The Lovely Ferns?

The Lovely Ferns is a chance to write about my personal health journey and my experiences as I begin classes this Fall at the Maryland University for Integrative Health. In two years I hope to graduate with an M.S. in Nutrition & Integrative Health, qualify for the CNS exam and then work with people in a wellness practice, wellness spa or perhaps at a company or organizations who value a holistic and integrative approach.

What Will I Write About?

OK, so I don’t have this all figured out but one of my dear friends, Leslie, keeps saying, “Just start!”. So on my list so far: personal experiences, recipes, fitness, school and perhaps some travel or techie content. Really, I just want to write and share things that help with feeling healthy in mind, body and spirit. I want to share what feels like a mash-up of my current professional life and what is coming down the pike.


One of my primary goals is to connect with other holistic health practitioners, coaches, and well anyone committed and passionate about helping people heal. Through the years I’ve learned that relationships are key. Connection is important especially now that I’m making what feels like a huge transition. I’m starting over. And, I’m in need of geeking out with others who share my love of food and helping others feel empowered as they journey toward health. Plus, I want to learn from people who are more experienced than I and I want to hear about different ways to approach healing and overall wellness.

So … there it is; my first step!


My (Our) Dream Home

I found our dream home. Someday …


Note: I originally wrote this for my short-lived blog, Miles of Blue. February 17, 2015.

Blu homes exterior

This is my dream home.

We live in a 1928 Tudor and while it is beautiful, my dream is to live in a smaller, functional and modern home or condo.

The photos are of a model prefab home designed by Blu Homes. This particular style is The Element and the image below is the base foundation for the house.

It is a great use of space and they offer quite a bit of customization options for up to three bedrooms and add-ons such as a garage (also with options).  The builders also put some nice “green” features such as LED lights and radiant floors. Yes, radiant floors — yum. And, there is a slew of “smart technology” and energy efficient features. What is not to like?

Interior space design

So while we love all those features, what I love most is that the size is perfect. You see, a big home isn’t us. Size just doesn’t mean much. But the excellent use of space and proportion along with just the right attention to details such as window placement, movement, privacy, location and quality of materials? Those matter.

15-foot ceilings and large windows add the feeling of volume and space making 1202 square feet feel more than enough. This home is simply well designed.

Blu Homes Layout

I read somewhere that when it comes to finances and budgeting it helps to picture long term every time you are tempted to purchase something short term you think you may need but really don’t need.

Element is my picture. This is what we are saving for.

I’ll be keeping an eye on land for sale in the Pacific Northwest.

If you’re curious about Blu Homes, visit their website and you can learn more about the Element style, too!

4 a.m.

4 a.m. has become my secret space in time.

Note: I originally wrote this for my short-lived blog, Miles of Blue. January 10, 2015.

4 a.m. has become my secret space in time.

Our cat Blu sounds the alarm with his cries to make sure I’m not late.

I don’t particularly love being awakened by kitty but I’ve come to enjoy these wee hours of the day.

snowy early morning

Everything is so still. It’s beautiful and haunting all at once.

And other than the furnace cranking to its limits because it’s so cold outside, it is delightfully quiet.

I’ve trained myself to not open email or start working. I’ve discovered there are no expectations, no responsibilities. I have permission to read, write and let my mind wander.

There are no “shoulds”.

So even though I crave a full eight glorious hours of uninterrupted sleep — heaven — I’m thinking 4 a.m. is pretty sweet.