4 a.m.

snowy early morning

Note: I originally wrote this for my short-lived blog, Miles of Blue. January 10, 2015.

4 a.m. has become my secret space in time.

Our cat Blu sounds the alarm with his cries to make sure I’m not late.

I don’t particularly love being awakened by kitty but I’ve come to enjoy these wee hours of the day.

snowy early morning

Everything is so still. It’s beautiful and haunting all at once.

And other than the furnace cranking to its limits because it’s so cold outside, it is delightfully quiet.

I’ve trained myself to not open email or start working. I’ve discovered there are no expectations, no responsibilities. I have permission to read, write and let my mind wander.

There are no “shoulds”.

So even though I crave a full eight glorious hours of uninterrupted sleep — heaven — I’m thinking 4 a.m. is pretty sweet.

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