My (Our) Dream Home

Element Home Interior

Note: I originally wrote this for my short-lived blog, Miles of Blue. February 17, 2015.

Blu homes exterior

This is my dream home.

We live in a 1928 Tudor and while it is beautiful, my dream is to live in a smaller, functional and modern home or condo.

The photos are of a model prefab home designed by Blu Homes. This particular style is The Element and the image below is the base foundation for the house.

It is a great use of space and they offer quite a bit of customization options for up to three bedrooms and add-ons such as a garage (also with options).  The builders also put some nice “green” features such as LED lights and radiant floors. Yes, radiant floors — yum. And, there is a slew of “smart technology” and energy efficient features. What is not to like?

Interior space design

So while we love all those features, what I love most is that the size is perfect. You see, a big home isn’t us. Size just doesn’t mean much. But the excellent use of space and proportion along with just the right attention to details such as window placement, movement, privacy, location and quality of materials? Those matter.

15-foot ceilings and large windows add the feeling of volume and space making 1202 square feet feel more than enough. This home is simply well designed.

Blu Homes Layout

I read somewhere that when it comes to finances and budgeting it helps to picture long term every time you are tempted to purchase something short term you think you may need but really don’t need.

Element is my picture. This is what we are saving for.

I’ll be keeping an eye on land for sale in the Pacific Northwest.

If you’re curious about Blu Homes, visit their website and you can learn more about the Element style, too!

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