Prototyping: User Flow for CurateCare, Our Intelligent Entertainment System

Moving forward in the design process, Qinyu and I sat down to sketch out the user flow for our CurateCare concept while enjoying a burger at Shake Shack (I’m so grateful they have gluten free buns).

Qinyu volunteered to create a higher fidelity version (below). 

User flow

What’s Missing

I think we still need flesh out the interactions with the projector, especially with the patient and I’m thinking a conversation with Dr. Chuan would help since she is teaching students about AI, Chatbots and more which I hope to discover.

I also need to research more about how to create wireframes and user flows for voice interactions and chatbots. This is such unfamiliar territory for me and it feels daunting and exciting at the same time. There are so many tools available and finding the right tool is like swimming in the ocean.

How do you visually represent an interaction that is organic?

Next Steps

We still have quite a bit to do for CurateCare:

  • Storyboard
  • Develop visual styles — look and feel
  • Prototype
  • User Testing
  • Prep final presentation


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