Charlie: Final Presentations and Reflections

Monday was our final presentation for our chatbot, “Charlie” for our Designing Innovation class. For Qinyu and I, getting to this place was not easy but it sure was a lot of fun with loads of lessons learned along the way, but before I dive into those lessons, below is our final presentation to our […]

Chatbot: “Charlie”

After a conversation with Professor Tran and several conversations with my team partner, Qinyu, I decided to pursue my chatbot concept in full force. Well, almost. I’m currently poking at the keys because I suddenly developed severe pain in the lower part of my thumb which makes typing and micro movements excruciatingly painful. This, after […]

Crossroads: This Idea or That Idea?

What do you do when you started down one path and all of a sudden another reveals itself?  Just before Thanksgiving break, I found myself researching two ideas. I knew this wasn’t efficient but I felt compelled to explore the second idea more after the interviews I had conducted. Five interviews later I found that […]

Prototyping: User Flow for CurateCare, Our Intelligent Entertainment System

Moving forward in the design process, Qinyu and I sat down to sketch out the user flow for our CurateCare concept while enjoying a burger at Shake Shack (I’m so grateful they have gluten free buns). Qinyu volunteered to create a higher fidelity version (below).  What’s Missing I think we still need flesh out the […]