Designing Innovation: Rose, Thorn, Bud and What if …?

In an effort to gain greater understanding of our stakeholders, the barriers affecting populations who lack food security and how these intersect with the many ideas our team has put forward, we did an exercise in class last week from Luma Institute’s, Innovating for People: Handbook of Human Centered Design Methods called Rose, Thorn, Bud. […]

Designing Innovation: Empathy Maps and Personas

Modeling Modeling is a great way to bridge the information and observations you discover while speaking with the people you are designing for but also with. The people we interviewed continue to invest a lot of time and energy and inevitably have different experiences, opinions, and suggestions for how to move forward and what solutions […]

Designing Innovation: Stakeholder Interviews & Summaries

“Design is a conversation with materials.” I love that quote by Donald Schön, highlighted in our book, About Face. I’ve done interviews in the past and I’ll be the first to admit that I get nervous every time. Not the kind of nervous I get when I’m speaking to a large audience or even the […]

Designing Innovation: Interviews at Legion Park

Interviews at Legion Park Farmer’s market Today our team took a short road trip to Legion Park to meet Art Friedrich and Jeannie Necessary with Urban Oasis Project and with Roger Horne of Urban Greenworks. I felt it was a great success. We first interviewed Art and Jeannie chimed in once so, I made a […]

Designing Innovation: Stakeholder Mapping, Interviews & Project Planning

Identify Stakeholders Our team started to map out our initial list stakeholders and came up with an initial brainstorm or “map” of people we believe would have a vested interest in any solution that addressing food security. Since that meeting, we met via Google Hangouts to identify more people to interview and determine what questions […]