Voice Recorder for Interviews

There was a time when I interviewed several people about photographers’ websites (another time, another story) and used my iPhone 6S with a Sennheiser ClipMic digital microphone (lightning connector). It worked pretty well under the right conditions but the software is clunky and perhaps better suited for someone who much more well-versed in audio. Sony […]

Designing Innovation: Stakeholder Interviews & Summaries

“Design is a conversation with materials.” I love that quote by Donald Schön, highlighted in our book, About Face. I’ve done interviews in the past and I’ll be the first to admit that I get nervous every time. Not the kind of nervous I get when I’m speaking to a large audience or even the […]

Designing Innovation: Interviews at Legion Park

Interviews at Legion Park Farmer’s market Today our team took a short road trip to Legion Park to meet Art Friedrich and Jeannie Necessary with Urban Oasis Project and with Roger Horne of Urban Greenworks. I felt it was a great success. We first interviewed Art and Jeannie chimed in once so, I made a […]

Designing Innovation: Stakeholder Mapping, Interviews & Project Planning

Identify Stakeholders Our team started to map out our initial list stakeholders and came up with an initial brainstorm or “map” of people we believe would have a vested interest in any solution that addressing food security. Since that meeting, we met via Google Hangouts to identify more people to interview and determine what questions […]