Focus on Gender

Well, it’s roughly mid-semester and I feel like I haven’t made much progress though I’ve been working non-stop acquiring data and manually fixing errors as much as I am able. In my excitement, I proposed a project that is probably more than what can be done in just a few months. Given I’m a one-woman…… Continue reading Focus on Gender

Data Visualization Design Process

Documentation One of the most challenging aspects of grad school while juggling a research assistant position and course work is setting aside time to write documentation about your process. You are moving so fast and switching mindsets between projects, classes, and types of projects (writing for documentation and narratives is different from an academic paper)…… Continue reading Data Visualization Design Process

Learning When to Stop

I’ve been fortunate to have spent the last year and a half with classmates who have engineering and programming backgrounds. They taught me to persist when programming. If something doesn’t work, try again. Console.log, Google, Stackoverflow, talk out the syntax out loud are all options I practice on a daily basis these days. But when…… Continue reading Learning When to Stop

Match Image File Paths to Image IDs Across Excel Sheets

Image paths – Check. The realization my master Excel workbook (merged from multiple workbooks with multiple sheets) had a sort order different from the workbook with my image paths? Roadblock. What I thought would be a simple copy entire column A from workbook 1 (all image file paths) to column B in workbook 2 (empty…… Continue reading Match Image File Paths to Image IDs Across Excel Sheets