The Virus. What’s Next?

This isn’t specifically related to capstone but it is enough of a concern for me that I’m wondering how I’ll be able to focus. Spring break is next week. I’m dreading the return of fellow students on campus the week after. Hello, travel, virus … how can the university even think to have students return? My husband is supposed to visit and right now I’m warning that he should not get on a plane. He wants to play it by ear and I’m wondering how I’ll get home. Will planes be shut down? Roads closed? I dread the idea of being in Florida and unable to get home …

The crazy thing is that my friend Qinyu and I have been talking about how the virus is probably going to spread like wildfire after spring break. It makes sense. Students are traveling abroad, going to the beaches, crowded beaches. No one else seems worried except for maybe our other good friend Maria. But then we can talk ourselves out of it based on numbers and that it isn’t here (Coral Gables)…yet.

I just have a bad feeling and right now, no confidence in the University due to a lack of communication. It isn’t brain surgery in my mind. Millions traveled out of China via Wuhan. That says it all, right???

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